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Some More Crazy Facts That You Did Not Know About Casinos And Gambling

Casinos gd lotto hari ini have been known to be one of the main places on earth where so many crazy things happen. So many of the crazy stories that my friends tell me, start with the phrase, “I was in this casino in Vegas.” I had actually compiled a couple of crazy facts and things about a casino; if you missed that, it is what I am doing here again. I will compile some more crazy facts and things about a casino that you did not know. It is certainly interesting for someone has never been to a casino or someone who just goes there once in a while or whenever they vacation. Here is the list that will undoubtedly entertain you.

  • All of the dealers have to show their empty hands to the camera when they leave the table. Even if they have to go to the restroom, they have to do this, every single time. The dealers are actually closely watched by the cameras which are all over the casino floor. Casino owners actually passed this rule because some dealers were found to pocket some chips, and this would also be one of the most common casino crimes.
  • The first casino which tolerated all races opened in the year 1955. Las Vegas was actually an awfully racist place.


  • Did you know that smoke-free casinos have been known to get fewer calls for ambulances? If you think about it, it is kind of obvious because, when you do not light cigarettes and whatnot, there is no fire hazard. When there is no fire hazard, the chances of people getting hurt would substantially drop.
  • The casino industry has been known to keep a state lottery which is actually outlawed in Nevada, which just happens to be the gambling state.

(I was in Lake Tahoe recently which is actually in between California and Nevada. Gambling is illegal in California but is obviously legal in Nevada. The moment I walked over the California/Nevada border, the first thing I saw was a huge casino.)

  • You should kn0w that card counting is not illegal. But if you get caught, you will be thrown out but not banned. If you are doing it, you should do it very subtly.
  • Did you know that American roulettes are harder to win when compared to European roulettes?
  • There has been a myth floating around that casinos pump oxygen. That is not exactly true. They have machines that send in air, and they have air conditioners but not oxygen pumps because that would prove to be a fire hazard.
  • The first casino license in Vegas was issued to a woman.

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